Monday, June 8, 2009

A Little Scare with my Blind Guy

We had a bit of a worry yesterday when our blind guy was squinting in the eye that we believe is totally blind. It clouded over last summer and a visit to an insensitive vet implied that it was not big deal to poke it out and sew the eye shut. Ummm... oh, yes it IS!

When I saw him squinting, I realized he may have run into a twig or the kitty may have given him a swat, catching his eye. My greatest fear was a more serious problem so I just said a little prayer and when I greeting him this morning it was a bit gunky and I had to clean it three times but he's not squinting anymore and looks good now. WHEW! Thank you, Lord.

The pupil pretty much fills the whole iris area but whatever irritant got in his eye caused the pupil to shrink down to a small dot. Strange. It's now back to 'normal', which isn't normal at all but normal for his condition, LOL. I'm quite relieved.

1 comment:

  1. So glad he's doing better. YOure an amazing dog owner. I am cowering at the thought of cleanin gunk out of his eye. Way to go amazing woman!!!!