Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Perfect Spring Day...

My work day ends at noon (for the time being) and I'm relishing the time I have for enjoying my incredible surroundings. I'm keenly aware and accepting of the fact that renos and such don't happen the way you hope nor in the time frame you set up in your mind. Sometimes, just getting to one task can mean a series of other things preceding it and instead of getting discouraged and impatient, I've grown to appreciate what's been done to date. In fact, many of the completed renos have exceeded my expectations. I am grateful.

Last summer, we added a screened room (I call it my sunroom) behind the house where the view of the river is best. Without this little haven, we are hard pressed to enjoy the outdoor beauty where we are blessed beyond measure. A horsefly bite last summer on my inner arm had me contemplating a trip to Emergency. My entire arm down to my hand and left side of my body was painfully affected. I live to tell about it, but still...

Normal arm (kinda pasty looking, though). The left arm, below, is 24 hrs after being bitten.

Nasty... hot, itchy and VERY swollen! Looks like a Popeye arm.

There are still finishing touches being done to our sunroom. The vinyl windows that were put in place for winter are still serving to keep out cool east and north winds. The frames are needing paint but, no worries.... 'fresh' pressure treated wood should not be painted right away (so I've been told).

These soft yellow sheers were a steal at just $7 per panel. I added four panels for extra privacy on the east side that faces the neighbour's house. A perfect solution! We're still on the fence about what kind of flooring will suit this room. Dogs, moisture and the likes means it has to be durable to such conditions.

Today was heaven. I hung clothes on the line to dry (I must be more diligent to do this, really, I must), set up all our planted seedlings on the "expanded" sunroom deck to drink up the warmth and comfort offered by the sun, pulled out a chair and settled down to soaking up some vitamin D with a good book and the companionship of my faithful dogs. The dishes weren't going anywhere and I wasn't going to spend another moment indoors wasting a beautiful spring day.

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