Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blessing in strange packages

So, the story goes like this.... I will try to make it brief because it stirs me up to go back and recall the details and then I start rambling. Not gonna go there. I'll keep it light. Here goes... ahem.

Lawyer didn't do his job well and charged big bucks. Homeowner had a lien on the property and couldn't secure a loan to close the deal. House was a money pit. Paid for an inspection and had a family member (my sweetie's sister) go through the house and gave us a good report. We were not impressed with what we saw. Told the lawyer we want out but we gave homeowner time to get money so now he can sue us. I laughed.

We were holed up in a tiny, hot bedroom at sister-in-law's house for three weeks. One single bed and a skinny cot, a litter box, two unhappy cats and a resident yappy dog.... it was hot and stuffy. My poor kitties. We get another agent and she gets the homeowner to sign a release cause he probably thinks we can sue him. He's happy to sign. We are free! We are homeless, but then we are shown this house and I remember seeing it online in Vancouver but thought it was sold. It was a good price, a fixer-upper and a view to die for. We buy it and for a whole year (at least) I said these words out loud "It's so beautiful here. Can you believe this view? I love it!" My husband never complained about me repeating myself so often.

Looking back, I would say that God had our backs and gave us more than our expectations. Now, the house is older, as I mentioned, a fixer-upper but it was what we wanted. A few surprises and LOTS of elbow grease needed but it's coming along and I couldn't be more pleased. Allow me to show you the house as when purchased. It was kinda in need of some TLC but I'll share the updates in bits and chunks. And check out the view!

Pretty sad roof and the porch was quite the eye sore. I see potential.

A little better, no? But wait.... the view is the best part.

From my dining room window (if I'm up early enough). Would anyone get tired of this?

Morning mist... I cheated and cloned out the poles and lines. They were ruining the photo.

And the back yard has some lovely sunsets as well. We are blessed.

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  1. Wow, gorgeous. Easy to see the up-side of the initial debacle!