Monday, November 21, 2011

Slow Death of my Bedside Clock

A few years back, I found the cutest vintage alarm clock on eBay. I was smitten but when it arrived, it looked rather dirty, the kind that cleaning won't remove. I had really wanted a rhinestone alarm clock but they sell for more than I'm willing to pay. So, I settled for something that was cute and affordable.

Hubs said he could give it a fresh coat of paint in an off-white and it turned out much better than I could have hoped for. Then I got to thinking... I could still have my vintage rhinestone clock so I set about fitting and glueing a strand of glittery rhinestones around the bezel. Perfection!

The clock that I love.
Well, all good things must come to an end. The power had been shut off several times during our mudroom reno and resetting the time more times than normal proved to be too much for my clock that I love. I had noticed for some time that the inner workings were getting tired. The 'teeth' around the ten after mark have worn down and the minute hand just stays in the same position... minute after minute after minute. I'm so sad. It was perfect beside my bed, the clock that I love. 

I looked online at some vintage clocks but my needs take huge priority over my wants right now so I just went to a 'big box' store and bought a Baby Ben wind up clock... no batteries, no electricity. I just have to remember to wind it everyday. It's a boring little thing with a smoky acrylic crystal. 

And then I got to thinking... I have this sweet vintage clear rhinestone choker with some pretty blue stones and it might spruce up my boring Baby Ben, plus I'm still using a vintage embellishment. After a bit of a struggle applying glue, which I had to do in stages, it's OK. Darn cute, really but it's not fitting with my color/decor theme and it's not the clock that I love which is now retired to my mantle, just for the sake of looking pretty. My 'new' clock with the vintage bling will grow on me, I'm sure, over time but it's not about form over function. It serves a purpose. I just want it prettied up.

Adding bling to boring.


  1. I love your clock bling. I'd never think of it in a thousand years.

  2. Well, Kim... if this is something that appeals to you, now you have some inspiration to be on the lookout for some vintage bling and just the right style of clock. I got mine at Walmart.

    Sometimes, when I get to thinking, a good thing happens. Just sometimes, though. LOL!

  3. Is there any chance of getting your old clock repaired? I like your old one better than your new one :) Just sayin.
    Like Kim I too would never have thought to add the bling :) You are truly gifted there.

  4. Johanna, I'm not sure it would be worth the effort of prying off the strand of rhinestones which was applied with crazy glue (yah... stupid me) and then the expense of repair, IF it can be repaired.

    I agree with you, the new one isn't doing it for me either but until I find a replacement that I LOVE, it will have to suffice.

  5. Yeah, it's kind of like the difference between Lady Di and Camilla: one has true class, the other one is trying too hard to pretend. I would have never guessed you added the strand of rhinestones as they integrate so well with the whole - even though it doesn't keep time anymore I, like you, would still hang on to it. Sometimes form is more important than function:)

  6. Ahahaha... Jane, I love your comparison. It's just too fitting. I really am mourning the state of the clock that I love.

    I did see one on eBay but the acrylic crystal is blurry. It's rectangular but has the same flower pattern around the bezel. I think I'll pass on it.


  7. Frick woman you better be happy with your new baby ben! Brilliant I say Brilliant!

    my friend found an original baby ben with PINK crystals around it just like yours!!!!!!!all original and you know what? I have NEVER NEVER forgotten it ...BECAUSE I WANTED IT SOOOOOOOO BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE were together at value village...she snaffoooed it right up.

    YOU better like it baby , I am going to run to my nearest VV and find me a Baby ben so I can spruce it up like you....YOU ARE GENIUS. Genius I say!

  8. Don't mourn your other isn't like you have to bury, or cremate it.

    You can look at it everyday.......I have quite a few clocks that don't work...and I bought' em that way cuz they were adorable!

  9. Yes, Melissa... this is true. It's just that it's not on my beside table for me to gaze at with it lovely sparkle.

    I have a soft blue Baby Ben rimmed with blue rhinestones (original) in the guest room that doesn't work. It's the sweetest thing.

  10. YOu hoard rhinstone baby bens??? lucky you!

    Oh, just put all your clocks at your bedside tabe I have 4 sitting know all nicey nicey.....that way you can look at your beauty.

  11. LOL, Melissa! The Baby Ben that resides next to my bed was a Walmat purchase (gag). No offense to Walmart. I broke down and bought the damn thing because I wanted a clock that worked without depending on electricity or batteries. It HAD to be blinged and I had a light bulb moment. Those are rare!

    Did you see my MAD retro clock? It's over yonder... in the other blog.

  12. wow, I love that vintage clock too. No wonder you had a hard time putting it aside, the face on that clock is fantastic. New clocks don't pay enough attention to 'faces' anymore.

  13. I know. I was just watching the bidding of a clock on eBay. It has a mother of pearl face, gorgeous filigree design on the sides and very thin from front to back. Perfect little bedside clock but I didn't bid. I need to curb my appetite for stuff right now. sniff

  14. Lovely clock Michelle! I have one too and I keep it on a dresser, it doesn't work, but I love the look. You could sell these redone clocks you know. Keep in touch and have a wonderful Christmas. Susan :)