Monday, April 25, 2011

My vintage shop needs a name!

Assaisonné Trésors 
 or...              Classique Trésors

Arrgghhh!!! This has been hard. I see so many cute and original names and I haven't been able to come up with one that isn't already used. I'm thinking I might go with a French name seeing as I'm living in a French community and all. Besides, French is a beautiful language. And I'm French, but not in the cultural sense but so what? 

Using an online translator sure wasn't the way to go. French is a difficult language. I knew I wanted something like "Seasoned Treasures" but the generated translation didn't seem right. I was getting "Trésors Épicés" (spice) so I asked around and got some local help. One lady who learned the language but not versed, per se, came up with "Mûrir Trésors" but it means something like Ripe Treasures (rotten fruit?). Finally, I asked a facebook friend who said it reminded her of fruitcake and she suggested either Classique Trésors or Assaisonné Tresors. I think I like the latter one and when I asked her what it meant exactly, she said Seasoned Treasures. Ahahaha! Right back to where I started. On second thought, I kinda want the name to be basically understood for us English folk, which takes me to Classique Trésors. Or I might scrap the whole idea and start over. (pulls hair out)

So... honest opinions are most welcome. Done up nicely with some artwork and elegant font (not necessarily the one shown), how does it work for you?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So, it's kinda like this....

All my attempts at pretty much everything have been faced with a let-down lately. Nothing too major. Just enough to suck the life blood out of me and leave me feeling like I'm stuck in the muck. 

We're having a major snow melt right now so that might be a contributing factor. It's a mess out there in our back yard. Not a great time for the dogs or me, the master cleaner of dirty dog paws. Some hopes dashed recently aren't helping, either. (big sigh)

I really, really want to gather all my vintage lovelies to sell online and actually get them posted. I did get photos done of several items and I have much more to gather and photograph. And then... what venue to use for dumping selling my vintage lovelies. In all seriousness, I don't wish to sell junk. I love to collect so I figure I can collect for others who might have like interests and for reasonable prices. I can do this! I can. I know I can. I will. I want to... just as soon as I get my feet out of the muck.

Soon. There IS an end to this long, messy, chilly, damp, oh-so-blah winter. And my spirits will soar. And I'll have more energy.